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Using the Support Desk: Support Desk 101

Discussion in 'Support Desk' started by ItsPugle, Mar 27, 2017.

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  1. #1 ItsPugle, Mar 27, 2017
    Last edited: May 5, 2017
    Wassup Nectox Community!

    Because all of us here at the Nectox Staff Team know how confusing stuff is, we decided to open this forum section if you want to ask for some guidance posting here on Nectox. Trust me; It can get confusing.​

    Before you get posting, there are just some basic rules that apply specifically to this forum:
    • Do not tag staff members, unless the question is directly related to them.
    • Do not post multiple threads on the same issue.
    • Do not post another thread if it's already been asked (Search).
    • Do be respectful to everyone.
    • Do thank people for their input.
    • Do understand that you don't need staff to answer; Some members might post an answer before we do.
    • Do include gifs.
    Any emergencies or security issues should NOT be reported here, and rather be private messaged to me, the Head Moderator, or an Administrator. Preferably an Administrator. Any really serious emergencies (data breaches, compromised staff accounts etc) should be emailed to tim@nectox.com.

    That's all for now! I'll be keeping an eye on this section and be responding to some of the threads!

    Stay awesome, Nectox!
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