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[Contest] Yo Jane and John Does!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Xazin, May 8, 2017.

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  1. What up folks, so I was just going to say that, we're now doing a contest.
    Entries most be posted below on this thread, and will be reviewed by SS or I personally.

    This is a graphics contest, and of course there is some kind of price, and I can't really say for sure what it is .. But .. Oh well I can. We at Nectox appreciate activity and member care, so what we're giving to the winner of this contest, is a badge.

    The badge is like how it says "Nectox Administrator" at SS and I. With this badge comes a precustomized title saying "GFX Winner 2017" and it's in a random color. The styling, color and title can be changed ONCE throughout having this badge, and after that one change it will not be further changed upon any request.

    The themes are below, and as such also requirements.

    Use nuances of White and Black (light grey) to create a modern design. It doesn't matter if it's a logo, profile picture, avatar i.e but just anything really.

    The most mysterious aspect of the Nectox theme, is the preconfigured coloring. Only colors found on the site may be used, any other colors will count as a disqualification.

    Most inspirational gaming gfx of course, this should be a number one theme for this contest.

    Theme: -Either Modern, Nectox or Gaming-
    Image entering contest: -Image or Image link here-​
  2. Theme: Nectox
    Entry: [​IMG]

    I think it's cool... made it in paint :3
  3. Well it looks funny, it's real art xD No one else have made an entry, so for now you're the only contestant.
  4. Theme: Nectox
    Modern Style Just Like PH XXX
  5. An entry is an entry xD
    MrLeak likes this.
  6. I've chosen to just award MrLeak since no interest was showed xD Congrats @MrLeak
    MrLeak likes this.
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